Dear Lisa Subeck, Like Previously Stated To LT. GOV. Gavin Newsom… LEAVE CRIME PREVENTION TO THE PROS!


Today, at 6:00am November, 5th, 2015, I woke up for work. I grabbed my phone next to my bed and decided to scroll for a little bit. The first thing I saw when i opened up on Facebook, was one of the most idiotic things I have seen in a while, it made me cringe harder than I ever have before. The title read: Representative Lisa Subeck Circulates Bill Banning Semiautomatic Weapons. I so hoped it was all just a dream and there weren’t people that idiotic within my state government because I swore only idiot politicians came from California. After reading the bill, I found out what they are banning aren’t even slightly considered semi-automatic firearms even in The Peoples Republic Of California and will have NO EFFECT on reducing crime and will just turn NON-VIOLENT, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS into criminals if they don’t follow these unconstitutional and idiotic laws. Violators of her crazed proposal could face up to 6 years behind bars and pay up to $10,000 in fines.

Let me educate you Ms. Subeck, I’m gonna totally forget the fact that you are using and only going by emotion of others (Yes, you’re trying to persuade people by making them feel bad about themselves that they didn’t ban assault weapons earlier and that all those mass shootings supposedly wouldn’t have happened) and heating up the dusty brains of your low-educated voters in order for them to think that this ban will work. You want to put innocent, non-violent criminals behind bars because they want to own a certain type of gun, yet you complain when conservatives put non-violent drug users away in jail. You see you’re hypocrisy now?

WI gun ban

What I hate most about liberals like you, is that you claim you want freedom, but you only want freedom that you want. I’m personally a libertarian. I believe in absolute freedom for all even if it goes against my personal opinions and beliefs. (See below comment about abortion). Liberals claim they are the party of tolerance and acceptance, yet they can’t tolerate or accept that a person who hasn’t committed more than a misdemeanor, can have a legal firearm for sport, show, or protection. Now you can go on and on about the mass shooters, but the fact is, almost all of them have passed any background check any state gave them. I would like to also note, that a great  majority of these mass shooters you’re trying to pass this bill against, planned these attacks out. Look at the Virginia Tech shooter who brought a standard pistol with countless “standard” magazines. The police recovered 17 magazines at the scene, most of which only carried 10 rounds. At columbine, authorities recovered 13 10 round magazines for his Hi-point carbine rifle.

Here’s a video of a WISCONSIN citizen using a LEGAL assault rifle to fend off some scumbag robbers! Who knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t have it!

My main point is to try to inform you that your bill will have zero effect on preventing any type of mass shootings. I have met and been told by countless police officers and sheriff deputies from across the country (one most notably from a 20 year cop who has worked the toughest cities in California), who have responded to hundreds if not thousands of shootings and homicides collectively, that your proposal will do absolutely positively, NOTHING to prevent future crime in America.

Your bill will only affect law-abiding citizens who own guns so you can think your saving the little kids, while you publicly post on your Facebook about supporting planned parenthood, who is murdering children and profiting off of selling body parts. You also attack on your personal Facebook, a sheriff by the name of David Clark who has forgotten more about crime and crime prevention then you will ever learn in your close minded life. Yes, I called you close minded. Why? Because you are too ignorant to accept that gun bans only create more crime, more money for organized crime and, annoy law-abiding citizens.

Subeck is a hypocrite
A post from her personal Facebook page that I found humorous.

In my lifetime, I have never seen a criminal walk into a gun store. I have never met a gun store dealer that has experienced that. Why? Because they know they won’t pass a background check, and two, they can always get it illegally cheaper and faster. There’s a thing called the Black Market. It sounds to me that you’ve never heard of it. You see, we border our county with Canada and Mexico, both who have illegal traffickers that bring in ILLEGAL weapons all the time. Madsion where you reside and work, are part of an organized crime network that includes Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rockford. How come a Deputy by the name of  Matt, , who works in the most crime ridden cities in California, has only taken away LEGAL guns away.. TWICE in 20 years?! Mind you, both times were from people who passed strict background checks and neither of the weapons were assault rifles!

You see, this will also be a cost of the taxpayers of Wisconsin (like myself) because we’re gonna have to pay for the federal government to come in and confiscate them. Yes, the federal Government. If you can find me a Sheriff deputy within the state of Wisconsin that will help enforce gun confiscation, i will 1. be surprised, and 2. Want to meet him to talk some damn sense into him. Who do you plan on enforcing these illegal laws Ms. Subeck? Surely, you won’t go door to door of every house of every law-abiding citizen to confiscate these firearms will you? You see what i find funny, is that politicians think you don’t have to do any dirty work, you think you have police there to back you up. You think that they will follow any order given to them.
What i find hilarious about you die-hard liberals is that you aren’t for gun control. You’re for gun centralization. You only want the police and military to have guns. So, by my understanding, you want only the police who you constantly bitch about, and tell them constantly that they’re racist thugs who aren’t doing their jobs to have guns.. But, I thought police just drive around shooting minorities and killing dogs? I thought police were racist thugs and all they wanted to do was beat and shoot people? So now, you only want them to have “semi-automatic” rifles and shotguns? Your hypocrisy is absolutely hilarious!

With all that in mind, and the so much more that i could add proving you’re wrong and i’m right, I also challenge you to sit down and have a public debate on the topic and specifically your proposals. I’ll even let you bring one of the supporters of your bill along with you if you let me bring a friend within law-enforcement who knows more about crime prevention than almost any politician in Wisconsin. I won’t sit there the entire time and tell you how wrong you are, i’ll give you some ideas on ways that will work in reducing crime.

Yours truly,

Wyatt Benson

P.S: It’s already illegal to add a stock to a pistol. That’s considered a short-barreled rifle.


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